Frequently Asked Questions regarding Nametests Instant Game

Nametests is free to play.

You can remove the game in your settings on Facebook at any given time:

We can assure you: Nametests doesn’t sell user data to third parties.

We can also assure you: Nametests doesn’t analyze or research data for political or comparable purposes, nor does Nametests cooperate with companies or organizations that do so.

When you play the Nametests game, your e-mail address is NOT submitted to us and thus, neither received nor saved on our side. We also don't have access to data of your friends. We also don't have access to your friend list.

Nametests Instant Game data processing description

I) Playing the Game

If you give permission and play the game, we get access to the following of your data provided by the Facebook Instant Game SDK:

You can remove the Game in your settings on Facebook at any given time:

Then we don’t have access to the data mentioned above anymore.

In order to generate your individual quiz game result image we process the data mentioned above and create an image composition for you. This quiz game result image is displayed on your specific device within the game played only. It is not stored on our servers. The same applies also to text possibly entered by you, your answer choices - this data is not saved on our side, it’s only processed for the result image composition for you.

If you actively decide to share this image on Facebook (e.g. by clicking the share button), it is sent to Facebook where it is going to be part of the shared feed posting.

Only you decide who is allowed to see it through the settings within the FB share dialogue:

We have no access to these shared images within Facebook.

You can remove all of these postings/shared images you made easily yourself at any given time directly on Facebook:

For this use-case described above (playing the game) no user-data is stored on our servers. We also don’t share this data with third parties.

II) Optional Messenger BOT subscription:

We only store data if user subscribes to our optional messenger bot service:

This means if you give this permission and turn messages on, we can send messages to you with game updates and game information. For these purposes we store the following information:

This data contains a retention policy, that means that data for players that don’t interact with the game for more than 10 days will automatically be deleted. In addition, users can request deletion at any given time by email and/or our contact form and, after having removed the game here: , also via requesting here:

If  you want to use the game but want to unsubscribe from the messenger bot you can also easily turn off messages by clicking on "Options" (usually a little gear symbol) and then "Turn off messages", please see this screenshot for example:

We don’t share this data with third parties.

If you would like us to sign you off from this free messaging service, we're happy to do so, of course. To be able to do this, we need your game specific User ID from you, please, which you can find here:

Please click "View and Edit" there. Then you should see this layer (please seescreenshot below) where you can find your specific User ID at the bottom.

Please copy and send us this User ID so that we can sign you off from the free messaging service:

In addition, we would like to point out that we use the information only if user gives permission and solely to create the game results and, if we store user data, only to the extent that this is necessary to send messages to the user as described above.

We do not process or transmit the data for purposes other than those stated above. This is monitored by our external data protection officer and our services are in full compliance with the regulations of GDPR.

We hope this information is helpful to you.
Have fun playing Nametests :-)
Your Nametests Support Team