About Us
We are an online publisher – and a hugely successful one at that!

With the content and projects we develop and publish, whether it’s quizzes, games, or editorial articles, we reach millions of users every day. Whether you are an active user, or you have just seen us on Facebook, we are sure you will be familiar with some of our products such as nametests, testony and apost.com . 

In order to continue our success story we are searching for passionate colleagues that value innovative, agile and explorative work as much as we do!

social sweethearts:
A profitable, independent, growing, medium-sized company - with the agile spirit of a start-up.

What we are best at

A modern approach to games and content publishing, using the latest trends in tech

Data-driven Approach
We strive to offer the best possible user experience. We are able to achieve this by means of our data driven publishing strategy and first class, self-developed technologies and platforms.
Artificial Intelligence
With artificial intelligence and neural networks we are able to create even better individualized content for our users.
Machine Learning
With state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms we are able to generate individual content for our users, which will put a big smile on their faces.
Make people smile.

Our world-class team is growing continuously. Become a part of the social sweethearts success story: we look forward to receiving your application 🙂

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